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Fall Fashion Trends: Apple Watch Transforms Into A Luxury Timepiece With The Ghost Label Watch Cases 

The Apple Watch is more than a fitness tracker. With The Ghost Label luxury watch cases and bands, it becomes a luxurious timepiece straight off this fall’s must-have watch list. 

Smartwatches are among the fall season’s must-have watch trends, with advanced technology continuing to make the case for consumers to invest in one. Other trends include luxury sport watches, watches with metallic finishes, and innovative designs. For shoppers who want a versatile timepiece that meets all of this season’s trends,The Ghost Label Luxury Apple Watch Cases can transform an Apple Watch into an iconic accessory for indulgent watch aficionados. 

All Ghost Label Luxury Apple Watch Cases are compatible with Apple Watch Series models 1-7 and SE, and cases are made to integrate seamlessly with the smartwatch’s design. For example, the back of the watch stays exposed for easy charging, and cases have built-in covers for the watch’s power button and dial for a unified look. In addition, cutouts ensure the watch’s microphone and speaker work as intended. Each Apple Watch Case is made to order and carefully inspected before shipping. 

Designed by Swiss watchmakers, each case features an innovative design that elevates the smartwatch from a fitness tracker to a luxury timepiece that complements casual, professional, or elegant dress with ease. There’s a case and coordinating band to meet each of the upcoming fall trends. 

Trending Watch: Metallic Finishes

Watches in metallic finishes add a polished look to any outfit. The Ghost Label’s signature product, the Ghost™ Luxury Apple Watch Case, fits over the Apple Watch face and transforms it into a classic timepiece ideal for professional or elegant dress. 

Thestainless steel watch case comes in silver, gold, rose gold, or black metallic finishes and features a large face window to accommodate the Apple Watch’s full functionality. The watch case is also hand-polished, corrosion-resistant, and suited for everyday use. The Ghost Apple Watch case features a diamond crown for an iconic and graceful style. It comes with a matching, hand-polished, stainless steel chain bracelet band.

Trending Watch: Luxury Sport

For a sportier option, The Ghost Label has the Shadow™ Luxury Apple Watch Case. It features a stainless-steel case and comes with a rubber band in four color options: red, black, yellow, or blue. The case is durable enough to handle any workout, and its sporty style is an ideal accessory for casual, on-the-go looks.

In addition, there’s the Wraith™ Luxury Apple Watch Case. This case has a more practical style and is available in four colors: black, white, red, and blue. A matching rubber band is also included, for a streamlined look.

Trending Watch: Innovative Design

For those who want an eye-catching watch style, The Ghost Label offers the Phantom™ Luxury Apple Watch Case. The case itself comes in gold, silver, rose gold, or black, and the rubber band comes in five color options: yellow, green, black, red, or blue.

The numerous color options let wearers customize their smartwatch to match any style aesthetic. Metallic finishes give the watch a classic look, while the bands offer a vivid pop of color. These cases can be dressed up or down.


The Ghost Label Luxury Apple Watch Case turns wearable tech into a stylish accessory appropriate for any occasion. First-time clients can use code TGL108 at checkout to receive 10 percent off.

In addition to Luxury Apple Watch Cases, The Ghost Label also manufactures an Apple Watch portable power bank charger and a luxury metal iPhone Case made of polished aluminum.

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